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I’m a supermarket expert – easy tips to battle inflation including using apps and going to the deli counter

INFLATION has hit a 40-year high and it’s causing food prices to rocket – but here’s four easy ways to beat the hikes.

The rate of inflation has jumped to 10.1%, which is the highest level seen since 1982.

Here’s Holly’s tips for saving money on your groceries as inflation bites

When inflation goes up, the price of everyday items and bills from fuel and energy to food go up too.

ONS experts said the price of bakery goods, dairy, meat and vegetables are now notably higher this year.

It comes as shoppers are expected to fork out £533 more for their groceries.

But you can beat the hikes by following tips from supermarket expert Holly Smith.

She dishes out money saving tips to her Instagram followers, and is also one of the experts on SE’s Squeeze Team, here to help you through a crippling cost of living crisis.

Here’s how you can save up to 50% on your bill with her shopping advice.

Shop at the deli counter

You might avoid the deli counter because it sounds a bit posh – and therefore more expensive.

But it can actually save you money, Holly said.

“Save money on cheese by buying it from the deli counter instead of in the fresh produce area, as you can find the same brands but for a fraction of the cost,” she said.

“You will also be able to get perfectly sized portions so nothing goes to waste.”

She estimates you can shave 50% off your bill by doing this.

As shoppers waste a whopping £800 a year by throwing food in the bin, you could be saving even more by only buying what you need.

Shop in the foreign food aisles

You might walk past the foreign food aisles without a second thought.

But you can pick up a lot of your essentials there for much less, Holly said.

“There’s some amazing bargains to be had – rice, pasta, cooking sauces and treats such as chocolate bars can be as low as 20p each.

For example, a can of Summer Pride Red Kidney Beans – usually found along the foreign food aisle – is 45p.

But the supermarket’s own brand version is 60p.

Buy loose fruit and veg

It might be more convenient to pick up pre-packed fruit or veg.

Weighing it out can be a hassle, but it’s certainly cheaper.

From Holly’s experience, she can pick up the same quantity of bananas for 45p less if she buys them loose (for 55p) instead of bagged up (for £1) from Asda.

Use food app

There are loads of food apps that can help you cut down the cost of your shopping.

The Too Good To Go, for example, allows you to buy food from shops and restaurants that would otherwise be wasted at the end of the day.

For example, you can pick up a bag of food for just £3.09 from Morrisons using the app.

“You don’t know what you are going to get but some people have had boxes worth £20 or more,” she said.

“I like to buy these and freeze the fruit, veg and meat to make meals with them the following week.”

It’s not the only app you can use to save – Shopmium, CheckoutSmart, GreenJinn and ClickSnap are useful too.

These sites work by promising to earn you money back on your shopping – they agree offers with retailers, and pass these on to customers.

Once you’ve got yourself an account, you can scroll through the deals listed on the site.

You can pick up items at big supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Simply go to the store, buy the product under offer, take a picture of your receipt, upload it to the app and you can get your cash back.

Another supermarket expert explains why four mistakes could be costing you £180 a month.

Here’s other ways to slash the cost of your supermarket spend.

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I’m a supermarket expert – easy tips to battle inflation including using apps and going to the deli counter