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What are the rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces 2021?

MCDONALDS Monopoly is back and fans could win one of the hundreds of prices available.

These include rare stickers which are much harder to find. Here we reveal all.

McDonald Monopoly resumed this year

What are the rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces 2022?

Money Saving Expert explains that within each set of properties there is a rare or uncommon sticker.

If you manage to find one of these, make sure you keep hold of it as the remaining stickers in the set will be much easier to find, giving you a good chance of winning the prize for that set.

The list of rare monopoly pieces are:

Dark blue: Mayfair

Green: Bond Street

Red: Strand

Yellow: Coventry Street

Train stations: Liverpool St Station

Orange: Marlborough Street

Pink: Northumberland Avenue

Light blue: Euston Road

Brown: Old Kent Road

Which McDonald’s menu items have stickers on them?

The following items at McDonald’s have three stickers on them:

  • Big Tasty
  • Big Tasty with bacon
  • Chicken selects (three or five)
  • Chicken BBQ Smokehouse
  • Chicken Legend
  • Big Flavour wrap
  • Soft drink
  • Caramel iced frappe
  • Frozen strawberry lemonade
  • Chicken and bacon salad
  • Chicken salad

These items have two stickers on them:

  • Fries – medium or large
  • Mozzarella dippers
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate McFlurry
  • Cadbury Caramel McFlurry

What are the McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 prizes?

McDonald’s haven’t revealed this years prizes but its said the prizes will be bigger than ever.

Prizes in 2021 included free food, a holiday to Ibiza, a Lay-z Spa and £100 JD gift card.

Redeemable food included Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, Double Cheeseburgers and McFlurries.

How long is McDonald’s Monopoly on for?

It will start from September 7, however, it is unclear when it will finish. However, it’s previously ran for six weeks.

A new double peel feature is coming, where players can double their game play through the McDonald’s app.

If you don’t know how to use the McDonald’s app, don’t worry, we’ve written all about it here.

And we taste tested the McDonald’s McMuffin and another high street favourite is just as good.

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What are the rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces 2021?