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Aldi launches bargain coffee Patron dupe and shoppers can save up to 80%

SHOPPERS can make a big saving on a new Aldi dupe – and it could replace a favorite tipple that recently disappeared from shelves.

The discounter is selling a coffee liqueur tequila for a bargain price.

Patron fans can get their fill of the coffee tequila at Aldi for cheaper

Last year Patrón XO Cafe was discontinued leaving fans of the coffee infused tequila bereft.

Bacardi, the company which made the beverage, said it was ditching the drink to focus on its “core super and ultra-premium tequilas”.

The drink blends Patrón tequila and Arabica coffee. It is popular over ice, chilled in a shot or mixed into a cocktail.

A 70cl bottle cost around £30 but prices have shot up as bottles become harder to find, and you’ll no longer find it on supermarket shelves.

For example the drink is for sale on Amazon with an eye-watering price of £97.99 – nearly three times the price.

Now Aldi‘s dupe of the drink could fill the coffee tequila shaped hole – and save you some cash.

The 70cl bottle of El Toro Coffee Liqueur Tequila will set you back just £15.99.

That’s half the price of the original retail cost of coffee Patron more than 80% off the current higher price tag.

The Aldi Specialbuy will hit stores on August 21.

You won’t be able to order a bottle online from the Aldi website for home delivery, but you can do it for click and collect if a store near you offers this service..

You can find your nearest Aldi using the store locator tool.

It’s not the only booze Aldi has launched that looks similar to pricier branded bottles.

The budget supermarket has previously sold it’s copycat version of Pimms.

And its Irish cream has compared favourably to Baileys in the Sun’s taste tests – and is almost half the price.

But Aldi caused and upset after creating its own glitter snow globe gin.

Marks and Spencer, which was the first to create the drink-slash-decoration, took the shop to court, claiming Aldi has copied the design.

The posh shop also took action over Aldi’s Colin the caterpillar cake dupe, Cuthbert.

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Aldi launches bargain coffee Patron dupe and shoppers can save up to 80%