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I’m a boiler expert – the little-known tweaks that could slash your energy bill by HUNDREDS

A HEATING engineer has shared how making some small tweaks to you boiler could help slash energy bills by hundreds of pounds.

It comes as millions of households brace for a hike to bills this winter.

Changing your boiler setting could add up to big savings

Boiler expert Harland from Guscott Heating Services, told the Mail Online that the first thing to look at is the flow rate.

The flow settings on your boiler control the temperature that hot water is heated to.

Typically boilers come pre-set to a temperature that is far higher than needed, this doesn’t make your home warmer, but it can add massively to your energy bills.

The ideal temperature is around 55c but some boilers may be set as high as 80c.

He said: “You need to find the radiator symbol on your boiler and turn it down.

“The best way to find that is through your operating manual as it will tell you there.

“Or if you really struggle you can ring the manufacturer or a heating professional and they will talk you through it.”

According the the expert, for each 10 degrees you reduce the flow rate, you could save between 8% and 10% on your bill.

One saver who did this said they saved £95 in just one month.

You can also set this temperature for the hot water that comes out of your taps.

“Look for the hot water symbol (usually a tap) on the boiler and check the temperature,” Harland said.

“Most people add cold water when they use the hot tap which is a big waste.”

You can lower the temperature until you no longer need to add the cold water tap, and this could save 3% to 5% on your bills for every 10c you reduce this, he said.

One thing worth noting is that you shouldn’t turn the temperatures any lower, or you could cause other problems.

This is because hot water should be stored at a high enough temperature to stop bacteria like legionella from multiplying.

If you have a combi boiler, you don’t need to worry, legionella only breeds in standing water and combis keep it flowing.

But if you have a hot water cylinder, you should keep the dial on 60c or more.

Legionella bacteria flourishes between 20-45 degrees, so it’s important to store water at a higher temperature.

Households are looking for ways to cut back on energy use ahead of the winter, when bills are expected to rise by hundreds of pounds.

The latest predictions are that bills will rise, from £1,971 today to  £3,628 in October.

And then they could shoot up again in January to £4,538 and £5,277 in April.

Every UK household will get £400 off their energy bill to help – but the government is being urged to extend the support.

Bills could be slashed by another £400 under plans being drawn up by chancellor Nadhim Zahawi.

The discount could come by scrapping an allowance that energy suppliers charge customers – but not until January.

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I’m a boiler expert – the little-known tweaks that could slash your energy bill by HUNDREDS