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How much does it cost to run a Dyson fan overnight?

THE UK is headed for another heatwave, and that means millions of people are bracing for some sleepless nights.

There are all sorts of tricks and gadgets you can use to try and stay cool on a hot night.

Struggling to stay cool at night? You’ll want to know how much it costs to run a fan

From popping your pillow cases in the freezer to laying on a cooling gel mat, plenty of gizmos promise to keep you comfortable.

But is there anything more effective than a trusty fan?

Unfortunately, firing up the fan overnight costs money – and that’s a problem when energy bills are expected to hit more than £4,000 in the coming months.

We’ve already looked at how much a bog standard fan costs to run overnight – now it’s time to find out how the running costs of a fancier version compare.

The Dyson Pure Cool fan has quickly become a popular choice for those who can afford it.

The sleek design promises to keep you cool as well as removing microscopic allergens and pollutants from the air – but it comes with a big price tag.

At around £350, it’s considerably more than some of the cheapest fans we rounded up.

So how much does it cost to run?

In case you don’t know it by now, this is the equation you need to work out how much a device is costing you to run:

Cost = power (kilowatt) × time (hour) × cost of 1 kWh (pence).

While a typical desk fan uses around 35watts of energy, the Dyson Pure Cool uses considerably more at 55watts.

Unsurprisingly, that means it’s more expensive to run.

Number-crunching by Uswitch found that keeping the device on for 24 hours will cost you 37p.

If you used it for a full week in the heatwave, that would add up to £2.59.

The 24-hour cost compares with around 24p for a standard desktop fan, and a Dyson Cool Desk fan costs around 17p for a day’s use.

A Uswitch energy expert said: “The size and speed of a fan will generally be a good guide for the power it uses, and therefore how much it will cost you – the bigger the fan, the more power it will use.”

The good news is, it’s still cheaper than many other options.

Uswitch said a standard pedestal fan costs around 40p a day to run, while an air cooler will set you back 50p.

Still, you might decide that even if it’s cheaper to run, the higher upfront cost of the Dyson version offsets the saving.

Uswitch added: “Dyson fans are well engineered and use power very efficiently, so they will cost less to run than a comparable model.

“Be sure to check the price tag before you buy, as they can be quite pricey.

Air-con is best avoided unless you really need it – keeping a portable air-conditioning unit on for 24 hours will add a whopping £6.72 to your bills.

Of course, the exact amount you pay depends on your actual usage and the energy deal you are on, as well as the make and model of your fan.

How else can I keep cool in a heatwave?

Keeping a fan on its lowest setting can help to use less energy, if you’re worried about costs.

Placing it in front of an open window can make it more effective – or you could place a bowl of ice cubes in front of it to generate a nice, cool breeze.

Uswitch said: “If you’ve just got your fan out of the garage or attic it may have accumulated a lot of dust, which can reduce the efficiency of the mechanism. Give your fan a good clean, removing any dust from the blades and any other surfaces.” 

And if you’re trying to avoid switching the fan on at all, there are other ways to keep cool as the temperature rises.

Open all the windows to get the air moving if you’re at home – or if you’re out, keep the blinds and curtains closed to shut out the heat.

Take a cool (but not freezing) shower before bed to lower your body temperature, and freeze a bottle of water so you’ve always got a thirst-quenching drink to hand.

Turn off any unnecessary devices that could be generating extra heat, and sleep in cotton clothing.

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How much does it cost to run a Dyson fan overnight?