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Poundland is opening new ‘local’ stores – is there one coming near you?

POUNDLAND has announced that it’s opening two new “local” stores in the UK. The two new branches are spaced out so one may be near you.

The retailer is expanding on its smaller “local” branches which aim to serve customers in areas with no Poundland stores.

Poundland is opening two new stores is one near you?

These new branches will allow shoppers to grab a bargain on a range of items.

Poundland’s “Local” stores are the equivalent of a Tesco Express of Sainsbury’s Local – a smaller shop where you can pick up all your essentials.

The local stores stock groceries, snacks, household products, health and beauty items and batteries. 

The two new openings will create 12 new jobs, too.

Poundland doesn’t provide delivery, but you can use its website to find your nearest store and see what’s available there.

Currently there are just four Poundland Local stores, and these are in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

But this latest expansion will see two new locations open later this year, in Clapham Junction, London and Sutton Coldfield.

Here is when and where the new stores will be opening:

  • Unit 4B, the Junction Centre, St John’s Hill, Clapham Junction, London, SW11 1RU – July 2
  • 37 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5UY – Summer 2022, date TBC

Poundland has gained an army of followers who love it’s varied range and ultra-low prices.

Having first opened in 1990, it now has more than 800 stores across the UK.

And the store has gained a name for a bargain, with most items priced at – you guessed it – £1.

We’ve previously looked at the four key items you should head to Poundland to pick up including it’s great dupes, and low price make-up.

Poundland stocks £1 perfumes that fans have said are exact dupes of pricey designer versions including Marc Jacobs and Viktor & Rolf.

And it’s even taken on the likes of Boots and Tesco, by offering its own budget meal deal.

Poundland transformation and retail director, Austin Cooke, said: “Each of the new stores will have a range of items tailored to suit the needs of customers in each neighbourhood, whether they live or work locally.

“In the current economic climate, people are carefully watching how much they spend, and we want them to know that convenience shopping does not have to mean they compromise on value for money.”

Poundland said it’s hoping to find more “Local” locations, especially near the M25, so if you don’t have one near you yet, you might do soon.

Poundland isn’t the only firm expanding – Popeyes is opening new restaurant branches this year too.

Elsewhere, Lidl has made a big change to product labels and here’s how it could help low-income households.

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Poundland is opening new ‘local’ stores – is there one coming near you?